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I'm not dead!

It's been a busy couple of years. :)
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A French action movie about steampunk Paris, featuring DINOSAURS and MUMMIES and a FEMALE LEAD?!?!?!?!

So. Freaking. Excited.
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After struggling for about a week to try and determine what exactly the prof wants, I decided to just roll with the punches and hope for the best. I've been doing some research this week, reading newspaper articles and blog posts and trying to ignore the fact that at some point I need to make reference to a novel and "the text", though this class has two textbooks and I'm not sure which one the professor means, so I'll probably just include both to be on the safe side. Hopefully the actual essay will not include terrible run-on sentences like that one.

However, I'm not sure when I'll actually get to the writing itself, because the thought web? Let's just say that "web" is definitely the right word for it. I have stuff in there about corrupt government officials, Lady Gaga, South African culture, religion, the languages that bands choose to write lyrics in, and polygamy. These all link up in a web-like fashion, but it needs to be linear and not leave anything out. Granted, I don't even remember what my thesis (I think I had one at some point) actually is, or if I even bothered writing it down.

Oh, what a tangled web I weave.


Nov. 23rd, 2009 06:30 pm
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I want to make things. Tangible things.

I used to fill up notebook after notebook, page after page, with drawings. I write song lyrics, when the mood strikes me, or I'm doing an online songwriting challenge (FAWM and Rocktober once, 50/90 twice).

But it's not the same. I can't use these things every day. They aren't terribly practical.

I bought buttons, jewelry-making supplies, and a glue gun. I glue buttons together and make pins out of them. It sort of makes me feel like I'm in art class in elementary school, doing something not remotely challenging or useful.

I keep browsing crafty sites, hoping to find an interesting but not-too-daunting project to do to de-stress. No luck yet. I guess I'm afraid if I try to challenge myself I'm going to mess up, and that whatever I make will look like a second-grader's class project.

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Hey, all! This is my first progress post. My intro post is here. Quick recap: Canadian chick from Nova Scotia marrying a Kansan fella on July 17th, 2010 in a field in a small village near my hometown. We're inviting over 100 people, but because it's an international wedding I'm only expecting about 75 people or so. We're also having a second reception in Kansas for FH's family, but I'm leaving the planning of it entirely in my FMIL's good hands.

I'm really excited about the wedding because I bought my dress this weekend!

Tons of pics behind the cut! )
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- I am ROCKIN' the red hair dye.

- So there's this young girl named Tavi. She writes a fashion blog called "Style Rookie". She is so much smarter than I was at her age (only 13!), and so brave! We definitely have different senses of style, but I admire her for being bold with her fashion choices, especially at such a young (and presumably vulnerable) age. Props to you, kid. I certainly haven't had my photo taken with Marc Jacobs.

- You're never too old for funfetti/rainbow chip cupcakes.

- So, I got a necklace in the mail today. I am seriously obsessed with Mad Men, and more specifically with a Miss Joan Holloway (well, now she's Mrs. Joan Harris, but I digress). The woman has some serious curves and even seriouser moxie. I've been eyeing her beautiful pen necklace since season one, and I found an imitation of it online for twenty bucks. Score! I haven't taken it off all day, except to bathe and go bra shopping.

- Speaking of Joan, she (or rather the actress who plays her, Christina Hendricks) appeared on the cover of "InStyle Weddings". I bought it so fast I nearly got whiplash. Why?

- Because I'm getting married! I wanted to wait to post about it, though I joined the livejournal wedding planning community ages ago. I wanted to make sure real-life people knew first. It only became Facebook-official yesterday. I won't talk about wedding planning in this post, but I will say that my engagement ring will be coming back from reshanking and reizing in one or two weeks, and I am so excited to wear it instead of this ring I bought from a kiosk in the mall just to have something on my finger, and also that I am ecstatic and excited and so much in love.
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I feel like I ought to post, yet have nothing to say, really.

I moved into my new apartment with the fella and it is 26 stories up, so we get beautiful views and lots of light, but also pigeons and having to watch kids be air-lifted to the children's hospital. I watched them bring out a stretcher yesterday and cried for about five minutes straight.

Hopefully, getting a cat (we're due to pick one up this weekend, but may just leave the shelter with two) will make me feel a bit better about the pigeons and helicopters.
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So, I have a headache and I feel dizzy. I would dearly love to curl up on a couch in a cool room right now and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Too bad I'm at work.
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So this is awesome.

Need I say more?
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I am a bad blogger, so waiting a month or more between postings is really to be expected. But that is not why I am here!

I am here because yesterday (well, it's 2am and I've not gone to bed yet, so it still feels like "today") was my ten month anniversary (month-iversary?) with my delightful boyfriend.

Neither of us is working at the moment (hopefully that will change soon), so we took the day to sleep in, make our daily visit with the Wii Fit, and go off to Admiral Cove Park for a picnic on a cliff overlooking the Bedford Basin. It was beautiful and so rejuvenating: pretty much the most perfect way to spend an anniversary. Plus, the walk from the bus stop to the park was a good workout, which was good, since we're both on a health kick and trying to lose weight.

My heart swells just thinking about it.
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LJ just ate my entry! Darn it!

So today is the last Friday of spring term, and I am covering a friend's shift in the computer lab. The place is deserted, as it is a sunny Friday afternoon and everyone with exams left to write is probably goofing off frolicking in the sun.

Colour me surprised when a lady pops in, looking for Professor McSo-and-so. The department office downstairs told her to come up here, so I head off with her in the direction of the offices.

All of a sudden she turns to me and asks urgently, "Are you pregnant?"

"Oh! Uh, no, I'm not pregnant..."

"You don't LOOK pregnant," she assures me, "But with that dress, I was wondering 'is she just starting to be pregnant?'"

I look down at my empire-waisted dress and wonder if it qualifies as maternity wear. I decide this lady is wacky.

"Well, no, no pregnancy here," I say.

"Alright. I was asking because there's some gasses down that hallway... I could smell something earlier."

Let's just say I kind of skipped manically back to the lab in delight at the sheer oddness.

... What a way to end the school year.
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I would love to just hole up in some cosy little cafe and order cup after cup of London Fog and watch all of Mad Men... I'm at episode 10, Season 1, and I am sucked in. I have a raging crush on Christina Hendricks, but what I'd give to BE her... so sweet and charming and utterly, utterly gorgeous. I am pretty much convinced that she is the epitome of femininity.

Oh, right, school's not done... I better get on that...
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 - the pure pop punch that is Hot Hot Heat's song "Pickin' It Up". The tamborining is furious, the organ riff is the catchiest I've ever heard, and it clocks in at a breezy two-and-a-half minutes. perfect for my attention span.

- the fact that somebody's finally opened the curtains in the computer lab where I work. Even though I'm not thrilled to see the snow outside, I do appreciate the view of the outdoors.

- my new Marmot jacket. So cosy!

- the fact that someone rewrote "Pride and Prejudice" to feature zombies. The excerpt I read was a bit too gruesome for my tastes (I have a vivid imagination and a weak stomach), but the concept is great.

- not having to write a thesis ever.

- this incredible, amazing, stupefying video:
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I'm stealing a list-type format from <ljuser=haikujaguar>: it's so lovely and seems to be an almost serene approach.

Comic: I've been playing around with this idea in my head for a few days now and I kinda like it, but I have my doubts and I have to do a bunch of research before I can even attempt writing this thing. It'll have to just sort of float around in my brain while I work on school stuff for the next few weeks.

Cooking: Here are a few recipes I've been wanting to make... these might have to wait, too. Sigh.
Pioneer Woman's  "Most Favorite Burger... for Now" (I am on a huge burger kick since I went to a Johnny Rocket's in Providence this summer and had the best burger of my life. Now I go around trying to find something, anything, that even comes close...)
Pithy and Cleaver's Black Forest Cookies (Chocolate, more chocolate, additional chocolate, and cherries. I might need to make these as stress relief...)

Fitness: Spring is taking forever to get here and I'm starting to feel really out of shape. Until it's consistently sunny (which, really, will be in like May, since early spring here  = rain) I've got either depressing gym or my apartment. Perhaps an aggressive cleaning, maybe some pilates? Any advice, guys?

Friends: Now is pretty much the worst time of year to be hanging out with friends, but one of my friends has dropped out for the rest of the term and she's going back home to stay with her parents for the summer. I feel a need to

School: I went to a dinner with my fellow students last night and absolutely everybody is stressed over schoolwork. The girl sitting across from me was working on finalizing the rough draft of her thesis, and everybody had papers and presentations and exams to study for... it just frayed my nerves a bit. Thankfully, though, I realised I can write one less paper if I go to a concert this Wednesday night, which is a huge plus. $15 concert vs. 2000 word paper? Works for me!

Work: Holy COW it's full in here today! You can tell it's the end-of-term crunch afoot. Usually I'll work my 4-hour Monday shift and get maybe 5 or 6 people... there were 5 people in here earlier at the same time! No more nose-picking for me...

And that's probably more than you needed to know about the brain of Meg... Anyway, time to make a happy playlist.

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so i'm working on a paper for my contemporary liberalism class. though it's cross-listed as economics, political science, and philosophy, it's mostly very dense philosophical questions. i wished i'd taken my political analysis class earlier in my academic career, because i'm sure it would have come in handy in soem tangential sense, but i'm taking it at the same time as this class, which i'm sure will help my marks next year, but not as much this year.

anyway, the next few weeks of this class are going to be the most interesting of this class. we're talking democracy, and last class we had a discussion about interest groups (the subject of another of my classes this term!) which was great. i feel like i'm finally in the loop. so i've decided to write a paper dissing the idea that democratic decisions are inherently good and knowledgeable, because a lot of the philosophers advocating for this pretty much think that only smart people can vote. does that sound as undemocratic to anyone else as it does to me? exactly.

so what do you guys think? kat, you're a philosophy major, right? got any pointers for lil' ol' me?

(aside: is all the all-lowercase thing annoying?)
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still brainstorming comic ideas. i discovered a brilliant comic concept that someone else has already had... and a few more already-been-dones. angst and woe.

but the bright spot to my day was on a walk across the quad in the early afternoon. as i stepped out of the life sciences centre, i saw a hopscotch pattern drawn in sidewalk chalk daring me to try it (it actually said "I DARE YOU!"). i did, in fact,try it, but my creaky old hips gave out on me after two hops, so i had to give up on the idea. as i continued my walk, i encountered another course, and then another, and then another. nobody was trying them, though. i got to my destination, ran my errand, and set off towards home. i encountered more hopscotch in front of the very crowded library. a nerdy-looking guy in front of me stopped and looked for a moment, and started hopping down the course as i passed. by the time i had a chance to look back inconspicuously, he'd already finished. but i still had a big goofy smile on my face as i walked away.
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Goof off goof off goof off work goof off goof off.

I really wish that wasn't the way my brain works.

I have 1,025 words written for a 6000-word paper due on Thursday morning. Kill me now.
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Wow. I have come to the realisation that I've had this blog for over 6 years now (the anniversary is the day before my birthday - December 16th). According to livejournal, it's been 23 weeks since I've written anything new, and this is my 205th post.

School is good so far - I only have 3 days of classes a week, which equals 4-day weekends! In order to take advantage of this, My roommates and I are planning a weekend trip to my hometown sometime soon, with numerous stops at thrift stores along the way (thrift stores in my area are quite good, if I do say so myself). I still have to consult with my parents, my boyfriend, and the Weather Network website as to when would be a good weekend.

I had a very nice holiday back home - I got to visit with all but one or two friends, and got in not just one or two, but a bunch of visits with others, which was lovely. One of my girlfriends and I resumed what has become our tradition: trivia every Thursday at a hotel bar. She and I (often with a revolving roster of other people) compete against my dad's team, which is known for its winning streaks. We're usually, unsurprisingly, unsuccessful. However, on my last night there, we beat Dad and co. by a single point. It was a hard game and we were sure we'd lost, despite leading in the first round and having two people with doctorates on our team (there weren't any questions about astrophysics or ancient Icelandic history, though, so it didn't really help). We got a gift certificate for 35$ to spend at the hotel, which we promptly blew on food and drink, since none of us were going to be around town for much longer.

I even got to see some old friends (you know who you are, and you all check LJ much more than I do) and spend New Years' Eve with them. We had chicken teriyaki (which I still need the recipe for) and mulled wine at midnight. We dorked out by sitting around, drinking fantastic tea, drawing, playing video games, and scarfing down some orange brownies I made (they were quite good, if I do say myself). The hick neighbours of our gracious hostess set off fireworks at midnight, but didn't get up to nearly as much mischief as anticipated.

Anyway, as much as I could write about, I'm afraid cleaning my room and eating some food are a tad higher on list of priorities. Ta ta for now!
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So, this summer I have learned to fully embrace my "list person" tendencies as a result of a summer job requiring many such lists, and so I present what little is happening in my life in the form of, of course, a list:

- I bought a new Mac, which has resulted in me becoming very, very broke. I've never had to live paycheque-to-paycheque before, and I can safely say that I do not like it at all. However, my Mac is serving me very well at work, and I managed to get my boss' copy of Office for Mac for free without even asking, which was a masterpiece of manipulation on my part. ;) I have named my Mac Squishy and she is about a million times awesomer than the old craptop ever was. Too bad she and Mr. Pod (my free {!} iPod) aren't getting along well. :P

- My little brother bought a copy of Guitar Hero 2, and he and I have become obsessed with spending our spare time in the basement fighting for the controller. Tom is, as always, about 100 times better than me, but I've improved pretty significantly over the past few days, so I'm quite happy. It's even turned me into the fan of (gasp!) an Iron Maiden song.

- I had a fantastic time with a random assortment of friends last night. I decided to invite not a specific group of people but cool individuals from high school that I figured would get along. I was amazed at the connectons that I hadn't foreseen - the first two to arrive already knew each other, and two others had even been teammates for a local curling team. Even though it was mostly girls, estrogen didn't run high like it can when you get a bunch of girls. I take this as evidence that I have good taste in friends.

- The Tour de France ended today, and even though the guy I wanted to win ended up in second place, I can't begrudge Alberto Contador his win. It was his first Tour, after all, and he whupped his asshole teammate Levi Leipheimer's butt, which made me smile.
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So, even though things aren't perfect right now, I'm really happy with life in general. Aside from a few minor annoyances here and there, and being subject to a bit of waiting, I just know everything's gonna be fine. I'm getting my(!) new(!!) Mac(!!!) laptop(!!!!) within the next 8 business days, and I am psyched! I expect to hear back about my job interviews this week, and I'd be really shocked if I didn't get hired for one of them, if not both. My family loves me. My blogs are going to get some lovin', finally. I love the people here, and people hundreds of kilometers away. I will be making some moolah through eBay soon, hopefully. I am just so so so so happy with my life.

I have a really good feeling about this week. I hope everyone else out there in this lil' world has an equally amazing mood strike them soon.

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