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I am a bad blogger, so waiting a month or more between postings is really to be expected. But that is not why I am here!

I am here because yesterday (well, it's 2am and I've not gone to bed yet, so it still feels like "today") was my ten month anniversary (month-iversary?) with my delightful boyfriend.

Neither of us is working at the moment (hopefully that will change soon), so we took the day to sleep in, make our daily visit with the Wii Fit, and go off to Admiral Cove Park for a picnic on a cliff overlooking the Bedford Basin. It was beautiful and so rejuvenating: pretty much the most perfect way to spend an anniversary. Plus, the walk from the bus stop to the park was a good workout, which was good, since we're both on a health kick and trying to lose weight.

My heart swells just thinking about it.
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So, this summer I have learned to fully embrace my "list person" tendencies as a result of a summer job requiring many such lists, and so I present what little is happening in my life in the form of, of course, a list:

- I bought a new Mac, which has resulted in me becoming very, very broke. I've never had to live paycheque-to-paycheque before, and I can safely say that I do not like it at all. However, my Mac is serving me very well at work, and I managed to get my boss' copy of Office for Mac for free without even asking, which was a masterpiece of manipulation on my part. ;) I have named my Mac Squishy and she is about a million times awesomer than the old craptop ever was. Too bad she and Mr. Pod (my free {!} iPod) aren't getting along well. :P

- My little brother bought a copy of Guitar Hero 2, and he and I have become obsessed with spending our spare time in the basement fighting for the controller. Tom is, as always, about 100 times better than me, but I've improved pretty significantly over the past few days, so I'm quite happy. It's even turned me into the fan of (gasp!) an Iron Maiden song.

- I had a fantastic time with a random assortment of friends last night. I decided to invite not a specific group of people but cool individuals from high school that I figured would get along. I was amazed at the connectons that I hadn't foreseen - the first two to arrive already knew each other, and two others had even been teammates for a local curling team. Even though it was mostly girls, estrogen didn't run high like it can when you get a bunch of girls. I take this as evidence that I have good taste in friends.

- The Tour de France ended today, and even though the guy I wanted to win ended up in second place, I can't begrudge Alberto Contador his win. It was his first Tour, after all, and he whupped his asshole teammate Levi Leipheimer's butt, which made me smile.
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Well, ladies and gents, it's official: I'm going to be spending the rest of my summer in lovely (I hope! ;P) Calgary, Alberta. How did this sudden change in events come about? I'll tell you.

I got a job offer working for a catering company, and I'll get to do a bit of everything; working in the dining room (I have to dress all in black, which is unfortunate considering the heat, and wear pants instead of skirts) work in the kitchen (uniform provided, thankfully), behind the bar (oooo, does this mean I get a liquor license and learn to mix drinks?! Because that would be kind of awesome! :D), and a smattering of administrative stuff (easy-peasy). It's nice to diversify. I was too tempted to refuse.

Luckily for me, I will be staying with the wonderful and generous duo of [ profile] cellel and [ profile] mialythila, who for some reason are willing to put up with me until I move into an apartment or something of that nature. If you ladies ever need anyone to bear you children, I gladly volunteer. And I will cook you things. :)

I was hired Monday morning. Mom woke me up all, "Meg, there's a man on the phone for you!" and within ten minutes I was hired and had agreed to start next week. Ever since I've been running around getting things done, and I will continue doing that until I fly out on Sunday morning, at which point I won't really be able to do anything but enjoy my flight, though there is a stopover in Toronto, during which I will run around retrieving my luggage and finding my gate (hopefully, since it's not an international flight, I won't have to change terminals this time, and yay for no US customs!).

Unfortunately, because of time constraints (one week isn't nearly enough time to get my life together), I won't have a chance to actually stop and visit in Toronto, which is very sad, as I wanted to meet [ profile] mintroses (I'm sorry, wifey! *apologetic smoogles* I know you understand, and I'll be sure to try my very best to schedule said visit on my way BACK to Nova Scotia) and stay with my dear friend Ji-Eun, who I've been trying to find a way to go visit for a few years now, as I miss that gal. She's an exchange student who used to live here, but then she moved on to Toronto, and she's been my excuse to whine about not having gone to Toronto ever since.

My mom's not taking me leaving for the rest of the summer so well, which is understandable. One of our conversations yesterday, though, was kind of awesome.
Mom: "I'll be okay if you bring me back a cowboy."
Me: (laughing) "Okay, Mom, I promise I'll bring you back a cowboy, and I'll make he's not all Brokeback Mountain."
Mom: "What did you say?"
Me: "Well, you said you wanted a cowboy, so I said-"
Mom: "I said I wanted a cowboy HAT."
Me: *blushes*
And then we burst out giggling. I love my momsy.

Anyway, I digress. I have to go find a goth outfit for working in the dining room and do a bajillion other things. Love you all!

Meg xoxo

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