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 - the pure pop punch that is Hot Hot Heat's song "Pickin' It Up". The tamborining is furious, the organ riff is the catchiest I've ever heard, and it clocks in at a breezy two-and-a-half minutes. perfect for my attention span.

- the fact that somebody's finally opened the curtains in the computer lab where I work. Even though I'm not thrilled to see the snow outside, I do appreciate the view of the outdoors.

- my new Marmot jacket. So cosy!

- the fact that someone rewrote "Pride and Prejudice" to feature zombies. The excerpt I read was a bit too gruesome for my tastes (I have a vivid imagination and a weak stomach), but the concept is great.

- not having to write a thesis ever.

- this incredible, amazing, stupefying video:
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So, it's been a while since I last posted anything with real content. In my defense, I've been crazy-busy. My schedule is seriously packed until sometime in late April. I have been keeping track of my favorite food blogs, though (and posting more frequently in my *own* than I do here). And okay, I've been playing videogames and talking about Hobbes (the political scientist, not the "Calvin and" variety, who is actually a more fun variety when you think about it - see also this post's title) and drinking a lot of chai tea, angsting, listening to music with heavy bass with volume turned WAY up, spending too much time on youtube, and going to a lot of meetings, among other things.

I must say, playing catchy club music is an instant mood-elevator.
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I need Cathy Davey's album "Something Ilk" very, very desperately. I heard one song from it ("About Time") a few months back, had it on repeat for days, downloaded another song of hers (the only one I could find on LimeWire, "Go Make It") and loved it dearly, and now the link for the first song won't work, and in my search for it, I encountered "Cold Man's Nightmare", which is amazing and has been on repeat ever since, and now I really must find the album. But I am in small town Nova Scotia and my chance of finding an obscure Irish pop album are slim to none. Oh, why am I not in Halifax, where there is an HMV and they can surely order it if they don't have it?


*sigh* Saturday, self, wait til Saturday.

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