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Hey, all! This is my first progress post. My intro post is here. Quick recap: Canadian chick from Nova Scotia marrying a Kansan fella on July 17th, 2010 in a field in a small village near my hometown. We're inviting over 100 people, but because it's an international wedding I'm only expecting about 75 people or so. We're also having a second reception in Kansas for FH's family, but I'm leaving the planning of it entirely in my FMIL's good hands.

I'm really excited about the wedding because I bought my dress this weekend!

Here we are:

So I'll start off with some info about the venue. My grandmother lives in this village just down the street from the venue: a couple of fields owned by various relatives. We will have a tent, and we can use my cousin's house, which is on the property (they've hosted a wedding there before, which is a plus). We also have an alternate venue in case of rain - my mom's neighbour has offered up her beautiful heritage house (which is great, because it's free).

Also free (or close to it):
Hair - my MOH is a hairdresser. I wouldn't dream of having anyone else do my hair. However, I am making sure that she gets pampered and not forced into doing anyone else's hair.
Officiant - My FH's dad has recently become ordained to perform wedding ceremonies. I'm so glad he's doing this for us.
Food - Potluck! My FH and I are both students, so we're asking some of our friends and family to bring food to share for the reception.
Flowers - My godmother is a florist (she used to co-own a floral shop) and is doing all our flowers as her gift. She is very talented, so I am thrilled.

And now, the photo pron!

First off, the ring he proposed with:

And the one I actually wear, which we just got back from the jeweler's this weekend:

So dainty. It is a green diamond - my FH told me that it's green because of radiation, so he calls it my "Hulk diamond".

Here are some shots of the venue. First off is where we'll have the ceremony - the line of trees will be the backdrop. I'm still undecided as to whether or not to decorate them. I like the idea of making an arch out of branches...

Next is the field where we'll be putting the tent - it's the flattest bit of ground we've got.

And here is the view from the tent facing down the hill toward the river. I love it up here. We'll definitely be taking pictures down near the water.

Here are some of my favorite inspiration pics -

This is why my wedding colours are red and turquoise. This photo is by paulapue on flickr.

I am definitely wanting a big bowl of cherries at my wedding.

I have a major garland obsession at the moment...

I also have a paper crane problem:

My FH are planning on making our cake ourselves, and I love this design. So fun!

Initially I wanted the seafoam green beauties that
[ profile] classiclindsey sported at her wedding, but they do not exist in my size anywhere on the internets, so I've moved on to these beauties.


If I cannot actually be Joan Holloway, I'll settle for looking like her.

Hair ideas. I want curls of some kind. I'm not sure which of these will go with my dress.

This one is my favorite.

And, finally, the dress. I was really stressing about finding a reasonably priced dress that I liked, so I was floored to find a gorgeous gown at my favorite thrift store. I got my prom dress there for $4.25, and my wedding dress cost me... $9.50. Yeah. I'm still in a daze. I need to lose some weight before I wear it; it looks a bit weird around my chest. I'm also considering some kind of simple, short-sleeved chiffon bolero so I'm a bit less naked. Anyone know where I could find such a thing?

Back view (my mum is holding the back together because the dress has a wonky zipper - we'll getting that fixed):

Front view (see what I mean about weight loss? lol):

Whew! Now it's time to get back to all the schoolwork I've been avoiding.
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