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After struggling for about a week to try and determine what exactly the prof wants, I decided to just roll with the punches and hope for the best. I've been doing some research this week, reading newspaper articles and blog posts and trying to ignore the fact that at some point I need to make reference to a novel and "the text", though this class has two textbooks and I'm not sure which one the professor means, so I'll probably just include both to be on the safe side. Hopefully the actual essay will not include terrible run-on sentences like that one.

However, I'm not sure when I'll actually get to the writing itself, because the thought web? Let's just say that "web" is definitely the right word for it. I have stuff in there about corrupt government officials, Lady Gaga, South African culture, religion, the languages that bands choose to write lyrics in, and polygamy. These all link up in a web-like fashion, but it needs to be linear and not leave anything out. Granted, I don't even remember what my thesis (I think I had one at some point) actually is, or if I even bothered writing it down.

Oh, what a tangled web I weave.
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LJ just ate my entry! Darn it!

So today is the last Friday of spring term, and I am covering a friend's shift in the computer lab. The place is deserted, as it is a sunny Friday afternoon and everyone with exams left to write is probably goofing off frolicking in the sun.

Colour me surprised when a lady pops in, looking for Professor McSo-and-so. The department office downstairs told her to come up here, so I head off with her in the direction of the offices.

All of a sudden she turns to me and asks urgently, "Are you pregnant?"

"Oh! Uh, no, I'm not pregnant..."

"You don't LOOK pregnant," she assures me, "But with that dress, I was wondering 'is she just starting to be pregnant?'"

I look down at my empire-waisted dress and wonder if it qualifies as maternity wear. I decide this lady is wacky.

"Well, no, no pregnancy here," I say.

"Alright. I was asking because there's some gasses down that hallway... I could smell something earlier."

Let's just say I kind of skipped manically back to the lab in delight at the sheer oddness.

... What a way to end the school year.
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I would love to just hole up in some cosy little cafe and order cup after cup of London Fog and watch all of Mad Men... I'm at episode 10, Season 1, and I am sucked in. I have a raging crush on Christina Hendricks, but what I'd give to BE her... so sweet and charming and utterly, utterly gorgeous. I am pretty much convinced that she is the epitome of femininity.

Oh, right, school's not done... I better get on that...
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 - the pure pop punch that is Hot Hot Heat's song "Pickin' It Up". The tamborining is furious, the organ riff is the catchiest I've ever heard, and it clocks in at a breezy two-and-a-half minutes. perfect for my attention span.

- the fact that somebody's finally opened the curtains in the computer lab where I work. Even though I'm not thrilled to see the snow outside, I do appreciate the view of the outdoors.

- my new Marmot jacket. So cosy!

- the fact that someone rewrote "Pride and Prejudice" to feature zombies. The excerpt I read was a bit too gruesome for my tastes (I have a vivid imagination and a weak stomach), but the concept is great.

- not having to write a thesis ever.

- this incredible, amazing, stupefying video:
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I'm stealing a list-type format from <ljuser=haikujaguar>: it's so lovely and seems to be an almost serene approach.

Comic: I've been playing around with this idea in my head for a few days now and I kinda like it, but I have my doubts and I have to do a bunch of research before I can even attempt writing this thing. It'll have to just sort of float around in my brain while I work on school stuff for the next few weeks.

Cooking: Here are a few recipes I've been wanting to make... these might have to wait, too. Sigh.
Pioneer Woman's  "Most Favorite Burger... for Now" (I am on a huge burger kick since I went to a Johnny Rocket's in Providence this summer and had the best burger of my life. Now I go around trying to find something, anything, that even comes close...)
Pithy and Cleaver's Black Forest Cookies (Chocolate, more chocolate, additional chocolate, and cherries. I might need to make these as stress relief...)

Fitness: Spring is taking forever to get here and I'm starting to feel really out of shape. Until it's consistently sunny (which, really, will be in like May, since early spring here  = rain) I've got either depressing gym or my apartment. Perhaps an aggressive cleaning, maybe some pilates? Any advice, guys?

Friends: Now is pretty much the worst time of year to be hanging out with friends, but one of my friends has dropped out for the rest of the term and she's going back home to stay with her parents for the summer. I feel a need to

School: I went to a dinner with my fellow students last night and absolutely everybody is stressed over schoolwork. The girl sitting across from me was working on finalizing the rough draft of her thesis, and everybody had papers and presentations and exams to study for... it just frayed my nerves a bit. Thankfully, though, I realised I can write one less paper if I go to a concert this Wednesday night, which is a huge plus. $15 concert vs. 2000 word paper? Works for me!

Work: Holy COW it's full in here today! You can tell it's the end-of-term crunch afoot. Usually I'll work my 4-hour Monday shift and get maybe 5 or 6 people... there were 5 people in here earlier at the same time! No more nose-picking for me...

And that's probably more than you needed to know about the brain of Meg... Anyway, time to make a happy playlist.

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"Sometimes wine drinking, like spontaneous sex on the kitchen table, is far more satisfying when you toss out all the rules." - Bob Blumer (a.k.a. the Surreal Gourmet), in his book Off the Eaten Path

I have the best taste in cookbooks, clearly.

But yes! Classes have resumed, and I am already sick of reading. My comparative politics class has two profs; one of whom looks like Santa Claus, and one who is in love with the chalkboard. I love that class. Philosophy is a bit mindbending, but the prof is adorable; she's the kind of lady you want to sit down and have tea with. Mandarin continues to hurt my brain and there are less adorable boys than last year, but the remaining classmates rock my socks. We are bound to have some fun parties, I can tell. Intro to Development is a HUGE class, but the prof is really enthusiastic and verrah metro and the subject matter is interesting. Spanish is more challenging, but I'm pretty impressed with how fast I've remembered my basic vocab, especially in comparison to Mandarin. Too bad my verb conjugation skillz are still sucky.

There's this one lecture that I'm not signed up for that I've been going to, though, which is causing me some grief. It's a fantabulous class and it fascinates me every time. I am in love with the prof and the course material. There's three weeks' worth of lectures on WITCHES, people! It's like all the interesting parts of my grade 12 year mixed together. Add my snugness at knowing about a lot of the stuff being discussed, and the fact that I spend the class sandwiched in between two cute and snarky fellows, and I am as close to (metaphorical) heaven as a girl can get in a stuffy classroom. But I can't actually register for the class because I think there's still people on the waitlist, the text is dry as all heck, it's too expensive, the credit wouldn't go towards my major, I don't have the prequisities, and it conflicts with a tutorial from another class (which starts tomorrow). I've debated it over with myself and with a few other people, and I've decided to screw the consequences and continue sneaking into the class without paying. I'm not sure if I'll actually go to the lecture on Thursdays, because I have to leave about halfway through for my tutorial, but I'll decide that later. Point is, it's well worth it.

And that's enough out of me. Good night, world!

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