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So, mi vida loca.

I'm still living in Calgary. Boys (and creepy old men who make me wird/creepy offers; "We go for coffee now?" is a pickup line I never want to hear again) still confound me. Work is still work (yanno, tiring, a bit boring, but lovely coworkers, etc.) My weird obsession with anything even vaguely sexual (wooooo lesbianism, and I bought a book about the ethics of stripping the other day, which is really interesting so far) is still pestering me (apparently I am now the perviest out of all my roommates). God, when did I become so crass? :P And I still am trying to learn an obscene amount of languages at once (I've taken up Dutch, because I am odd, and I'm still working on Mandarin and Espanol).

I'm pondering, too, about how much I've changed in the past 11 months, since I started university. A few months back, my friend Laura was saying something to the effect of me being nice at the beginning of the year, but that I'd changed enough to be upgraded to "awesome". Then today my friend Ben was saying how my ego had gone from non-existent when I met him back in September to "one that needs to be tamed" now. :P I really do have an inflated ego problem, but I've grown to really love and nurture myself, and I find I have less self-esteem/confidence issues than many of my friends. But I'm also a vain, selfish, egocentric bitch. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not hating myself over here, but I sometimes just wish I was at least a little bit nicer. So I wonder... was it worth it? What do you guys think; Is a major personality overhaul, intentional or not, a good or bad thing in the end?

I'm rather curious about this issue in general, so any input would be mucho-ly appreciated. Good night, y'all!

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