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So here I sit, debating fantasies.

I want a cold, crisp winter night's walk filled with snow falling silently and a cuddle with a lovely person under a big cosy blanket, a roaring fireplace, and a steaming mug of sweet hot chocolate.

But I also want a chair on a warm, sandy, isolated beach on the South Pacific, well equipped with chick lit and a pitcher or some fruity, but deceptively strong, drink on a cute little table next to me. And I want to be there alone.

One is doable; the other, not so much. Sigh. I wish it could just be Christmas break already. Or at least not this week.

I've been on this big Christmas kick lately. I can't wait to sit around sipping eggnog, visiting with family and friends, baking all sorts of Christmas goodies, watching movies, my sled date with Rebecca, shopping for gifts, snacking on clementines and chocolate, snuggling up in big chunky sweaters, playing video games with the Tomster, updating and improving my food blog, sending christmas cards, frenchys shopping, snarking at lame TV shows, going to Christmas concerts, decorating the tree, my birthday partying (which I hope will involve Rebecca, Erin, Jenn, Dana, Stacey, Ames, dancing, and a big-ass pitcher of sangria), getting used to my new Mac (I hope), planning my vacation, family dinner parties, practising photography, walks in the countryside and forests around my grandparent's houses, dancing to Christmas music randomly with my mom in the kitchen, and, of course, snow. DANG. C'mon, December! Hurry up!

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