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- I am ROCKIN' the red hair dye.

- So there's this young girl named Tavi. She writes a fashion blog called "Style Rookie". She is so much smarter than I was at her age (only 13!), and so brave! We definitely have different senses of style, but I admire her for being bold with her fashion choices, especially at such a young (and presumably vulnerable) age. Props to you, kid. I certainly haven't had my photo taken with Marc Jacobs.

- You're never too old for funfetti/rainbow chip cupcakes.

- So, I got a necklace in the mail today. I am seriously obsessed with Mad Men, and more specifically with a Miss Joan Holloway (well, now she's Mrs. Joan Harris, but I digress). The woman has some serious curves and even seriouser moxie. I've been eyeing her beautiful pen necklace since season one, and I found an imitation of it online for twenty bucks. Score! I haven't taken it off all day, except to bathe and go bra shopping.

- Speaking of Joan, she (or rather the actress who plays her, Christina Hendricks) appeared on the cover of "InStyle Weddings". I bought it so fast I nearly got whiplash. Why?

- Because I'm getting married! I wanted to wait to post about it, though I joined the livejournal wedding planning community ages ago. I wanted to make sure real-life people knew first. It only became Facebook-official yesterday. I won't talk about wedding planning in this post, but I will say that my engagement ring will be coming back from reshanking and reizing in one or two weeks, and I am so excited to wear it instead of this ring I bought from a kiosk in the mall just to have something on my finger, and also that I am ecstatic and excited and so much in love.

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