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I am a bad blogger, so waiting a month or more between postings is really to be expected. But that is not why I am here!

I am here because yesterday (well, it's 2am and I've not gone to bed yet, so it still feels like "today") was my ten month anniversary (month-iversary?) with my delightful boyfriend.

Neither of us is working at the moment (hopefully that will change soon), so we took the day to sleep in, make our daily visit with the Wii Fit, and go off to Admiral Cove Park for a picnic on a cliff overlooking the Bedford Basin. It was beautiful and so rejuvenating: pretty much the most perfect way to spend an anniversary. Plus, the walk from the bus stop to the park was a good workout, which was good, since we're both on a health kick and trying to lose weight.

My heart swells just thinking about it.
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still brainstorming comic ideas. i discovered a brilliant comic concept that someone else has already had... and a few more already-been-dones. angst and woe.

but the bright spot to my day was on a walk across the quad in the early afternoon. as i stepped out of the life sciences centre, i saw a hopscotch pattern drawn in sidewalk chalk daring me to try it (it actually said "I DARE YOU!"). i did, in fact,try it, but my creaky old hips gave out on me after two hops, so i had to give up on the idea. as i continued my walk, i encountered another course, and then another, and then another. nobody was trying them, though. i got to my destination, ran my errand, and set off towards home. i encountered more hopscotch in front of the very crowded library. a nerdy-looking guy in front of me stopped and looked for a moment, and started hopping down the course as i passed. by the time i had a chance to look back inconspicuously, he'd already finished. but i still had a big goofy smile on my face as i walked away.


Sep. 2nd, 2006 01:52 am
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After FAR too long, Halifax and I are getting properly reacquainted. My few visits there this summer (once to see my doctor, twice on my way to and from the airport) were just teasing, bittersweet affairs. The thought of actually being back in my city just makes me really giddy.

Yarmouth has its charms, though. I'll be sad to leave some of my friends here, I shall miss the beach and other such nature-ly venues, and of course I'll pine a little for la familia.

My lovely friend Becca was the perfect person to spend my last night here with. We (along with our mothers) entered the annual trivia challenge that my dad's team has consistently placed second in for about four years now. It took us surprisingly little time to come up with an appropriate team name. Mom's initial suggestion of "Slick Bitches", while hilarious, was soon overlooked, as were my personal favorites, "Trivially Challenged", "The Fab Four", and "Amelia Airhead". We dubbed ourselves "The Genius Generations", seeing as we spanned three of the things. But some of the other teams had even more impressive names; "The Elderberry Hamsters", "The Stonehenge Beautification Project", and the best of the lot, "May Contain Nuts". Even though we only managed to get 55 out of 100 questions right (the high score was 69), we somehow placed fifth and won 100 bucks! Once we divided it amongst ourselves it was only 25 dollars apiece, of course, but any spare textbook money I can sprounge up is fine by me. And considering all of us were drinking... Dad got second again. Anyway, there's another trivia contest in October at a haunted mansion outside of town (which is terribly exciting, as I've always been curious about it), so I plan on heading home for it. Plus, we also won a gift certificate to Boston Pizza, and we plan on using it that weekend at some point.

Hee. Afterwards, Becca and I went to her house so she could get dolled up, and then proceeded to my house to do the same to me. See, she hadn't yet been to a bar, despite having her nineteenth birthday in late July, so we decided to pay a visit to the town's only real bar. So we took a few pictures and headed out, me sans glasses, as Becca had insisted. We ended up spending the evening sitting in a big cushy booth talking and waxing nostalgic, mostly about elementary school, and left around midnight as it was getting smoky and was still fairly dead. I have vowed to take Becs to a better bar when she comes to visit Halifax. I've warned her not to bring the boyfriend, as she is gorgeous and is thus bound to get hit on a LOT. It's sure to be fun, even though I think we'll wind up going bra shopping.

La la la la la HALIFAX. Clearly I ought to be in bed.

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