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So this is awesome.

Need I say more?
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LJ just ate my entry! Darn it!

So today is the last Friday of spring term, and I am covering a friend's shift in the computer lab. The place is deserted, as it is a sunny Friday afternoon and everyone with exams left to write is probably goofing off frolicking in the sun.

Colour me surprised when a lady pops in, looking for Professor McSo-and-so. The department office downstairs told her to come up here, so I head off with her in the direction of the offices.

All of a sudden she turns to me and asks urgently, "Are you pregnant?"

"Oh! Uh, no, I'm not pregnant..."

"You don't LOOK pregnant," she assures me, "But with that dress, I was wondering 'is she just starting to be pregnant?'"

I look down at my empire-waisted dress and wonder if it qualifies as maternity wear. I decide this lady is wacky.

"Well, no, no pregnancy here," I say.

"Alright. I was asking because there's some gasses down that hallway... I could smell something earlier."

Let's just say I kind of skipped manically back to the lab in delight at the sheer oddness.

... What a way to end the school year.
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 - the pure pop punch that is Hot Hot Heat's song "Pickin' It Up". The tamborining is furious, the organ riff is the catchiest I've ever heard, and it clocks in at a breezy two-and-a-half minutes. perfect for my attention span.

- the fact that somebody's finally opened the curtains in the computer lab where I work. Even though I'm not thrilled to see the snow outside, I do appreciate the view of the outdoors.

- my new Marmot jacket. So cosy!

- the fact that someone rewrote "Pride and Prejudice" to feature zombies. The excerpt I read was a bit too gruesome for my tastes (I have a vivid imagination and a weak stomach), but the concept is great.

- not having to write a thesis ever.

- this incredible, amazing, stupefying video:

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