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I'm back home in Nova Scotia after having spent two months and two days in Calgary. I then had a whirlwind tour of Toronto (see my last entry, which neglected to properly mention the lovely people I spent time with in Toronto) and missed my flight home the next morning. However, I was put on standby for the next flight back, which departed the airport two hours later than my original flight. I was sitting in front of the gate and took out the lucky pendant I'd bought in Chinatown in Calgary. Mere seconds afterwards, the cute guy sitting next to me leaned over and complimented me. A moment after that, my name was called and I got onto the flight (cute boy was on the same flight; I'm hoping to run into him in Halifax...). I've worn that pendant every day since, except today, and so far it has served me well.

I met a metric TONNE of utterly wonderful people on my travels, and hung out with some I already had the pleasure of knowing, but was very happy to be reunited with.

For example, [ profile] cellel and [ profile] mialythila were kind enough to let me take over (and create a giant mess of) their living room for two months. They were very very lovely roommates and I'm still in awe that they were able to endure my annoying habit of reading aloud from sex manuals obsession with shopping tendency to burn cookies whenever I bake them, company.

Through [ profile] calgarians, I met some wonderful ladies (you know who you are...) that I had a blast with that one time (sadly it was only once, but what can you do?).

The only other person I've met in Calgary with an LJ is [ profile] gomo_the_red. It's a bit tragic that we lived so close and only met in the last week of my time in Calgary, eh? Ah well, we made up for it. :)

Then in Toronto, [ profile] penguindust graciously let me crash on one of the couches in her tremendously awesome flat and showed a gal a good time (or walk was one of the highlights of my trip). A million thanks, my dear. I wouldn;t have been able to stay in toronto at all if not for your generosity. If you're ever passing by, you know you're always welcome.

[ profile] durdaana and I wandered about and had a long chat that seemed to pass by very quickly (let me know if you have any free time when you're in Halifax next, hon). It was great to see her again.

And! I FINALLY got to meet my internet wifey, [ profile] mintroses. I have no words to describe how great it was to finally meet someone I've talked with nearly daily for three or four years now. Oh, Anne, for a commitment-phobic gal like me to talk with someone so often is a testament to your utter fabulousness. :P

If there's anyone else I met that has a livejournal and I neglected to mention them, I apologize. My boss' bad memory has rubbed off on me a bit. Just slap me virtually and I'm sure to remember.

Anyway, supper calls, and then I'm off to see my best friend, so off I go!

Kisses, Meg xoxoxo
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So, mi vida loca.

I'm still living in Calgary. Boys (and creepy old men who make me wird/creepy offers; "We go for coffee now?" is a pickup line I never want to hear again) still confound me. Work is still work (yanno, tiring, a bit boring, but lovely coworkers, etc.) My weird obsession with anything even vaguely sexual (wooooo lesbianism, and I bought a book about the ethics of stripping the other day, which is really interesting so far) is still pestering me (apparently I am now the perviest out of all my roommates). God, when did I become so crass? :P And I still am trying to learn an obscene amount of languages at once (I've taken up Dutch, because I am odd, and I'm still working on Mandarin and Espanol).

I'm pondering, too, about how much I've changed in the past 11 months, since I started university. A few months back, my friend Laura was saying something to the effect of me being nice at the beginning of the year, but that I'd changed enough to be upgraded to "awesome". Then today my friend Ben was saying how my ego had gone from non-existent when I met him back in September to "one that needs to be tamed" now. :P I really do have an inflated ego problem, but I've grown to really love and nurture myself, and I find I have less self-esteem/confidence issues than many of my friends. But I'm also a vain, selfish, egocentric bitch. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not hating myself over here, but I sometimes just wish I was at least a little bit nicer. So I wonder... was it worth it? What do you guys think; Is a major personality overhaul, intentional or not, a good or bad thing in the end?

I'm rather curious about this issue in general, so any input would be mucho-ly appreciated. Good night, y'all!
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Well, ladies and gents, it's official: I'm going to be spending the rest of my summer in lovely (I hope! ;P) Calgary, Alberta. How did this sudden change in events come about? I'll tell you.

I got a job offer working for a catering company, and I'll get to do a bit of everything; working in the dining room (I have to dress all in black, which is unfortunate considering the heat, and wear pants instead of skirts) work in the kitchen (uniform provided, thankfully), behind the bar (oooo, does this mean I get a liquor license and learn to mix drinks?! Because that would be kind of awesome! :D), and a smattering of administrative stuff (easy-peasy). It's nice to diversify. I was too tempted to refuse.

Luckily for me, I will be staying with the wonderful and generous duo of [ profile] cellel and [ profile] mialythila, who for some reason are willing to put up with me until I move into an apartment or something of that nature. If you ladies ever need anyone to bear you children, I gladly volunteer. And I will cook you things. :)

I was hired Monday morning. Mom woke me up all, "Meg, there's a man on the phone for you!" and within ten minutes I was hired and had agreed to start next week. Ever since I've been running around getting things done, and I will continue doing that until I fly out on Sunday morning, at which point I won't really be able to do anything but enjoy my flight, though there is a stopover in Toronto, during which I will run around retrieving my luggage and finding my gate (hopefully, since it's not an international flight, I won't have to change terminals this time, and yay for no US customs!).

Unfortunately, because of time constraints (one week isn't nearly enough time to get my life together), I won't have a chance to actually stop and visit in Toronto, which is very sad, as I wanted to meet [ profile] mintroses (I'm sorry, wifey! *apologetic smoogles* I know you understand, and I'll be sure to try my very best to schedule said visit on my way BACK to Nova Scotia) and stay with my dear friend Ji-Eun, who I've been trying to find a way to go visit for a few years now, as I miss that gal. She's an exchange student who used to live here, but then she moved on to Toronto, and she's been my excuse to whine about not having gone to Toronto ever since.

My mom's not taking me leaving for the rest of the summer so well, which is understandable. One of our conversations yesterday, though, was kind of awesome.
Mom: "I'll be okay if you bring me back a cowboy."
Me: (laughing) "Okay, Mom, I promise I'll bring you back a cowboy, and I'll make he's not all Brokeback Mountain."
Mom: "What did you say?"
Me: "Well, you said you wanted a cowboy, so I said-"
Mom: "I said I wanted a cowboy HAT."
Me: *blushes*
And then we burst out giggling. I love my momsy.

Anyway, I digress. I have to go find a goth outfit for working in the dining room and do a bajillion other things. Love you all!

Meg xoxo

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