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I don't think being foolish ought to be specific to April, frankly. I wish my little brother was here so I could pull a prank on him, though. I miss being able to draw on him with lipstick while he's asleep. Or put shaving cream in his hand and then tickle his nose. Or put Kool-aid in the showerhead. Instead I will pull no pranks this year, unlike some people on my friends list...

I have no clue what I'm doing this summer, and I'm hoping it's not going to end up like last year. It was definitely fun in parts (like the visiting/living with cool people parts), sure, but no girl likes to start off the school year with a broken heart.

Now, off to finish writing my three essays due for tomorrow!

Yeah, I wish that was a joke too.
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So, it's been a while since I last posted anything with real content. In my defense, I've been crazy-busy. My schedule is seriously packed until sometime in late April. I have been keeping track of my favorite food blogs, though (and posting more frequently in my *own* than I do here). And okay, I've been playing videogames and talking about Hobbes (the political scientist, not the "Calvin and" variety, who is actually a more fun variety when you think about it - see also this post's title) and drinking a lot of chai tea, angsting, listening to music with heavy bass with volume turned WAY up, spending too much time on youtube, and going to a lot of meetings, among other things.

I must say, playing catchy club music is an instant mood-elevator.
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This poem, however, is vastly superiour:

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced, but they
Out-did the sparkling leaves in glee;
A poet could not be but gay,
In such a jocund company!
I gazed—and gazed—but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

"Daffodils" - William Wordsworth
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Goodness me. Last night, I kept having all these different dreams that all led to someone giving me a MacBook. It was so cute and little and white with its glowing apple on the back of the monitor half. I'm sure any Apple I own wouldn't stay pristine very long, but oh well. Now to do some more research...

I get the feeling my wallet is going be feeling very sore soon. Between the possibility of this new laptop, cleaning my current hunk o' junk (every 4 months on the dot!), buying socially-conscious Christmas presents (supporting the local economy isn't cheap), and perhaps buying new boots if I can't fix my current ones (which would be very sad)... ouch. I feel myself going slowly but surely broke. Ack!

At least I have lots of chai and hot chocolate to keep me company.
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So, I have chocolate and new underwear and a good friend visiting and fun stuff coming up this week and the memories of several lovely nights in my head (well, one was spent conquering an essay, which wasn't so lovely and made my eyes hurt, but I'm proud of my valiant efforts at least). All in all, I am one happy Meg. Just thought you all needed to know.

Annnyway, I've been watching the weekly challenges over at [ profile] audiography, but never actually participating because I'm a chicken with no time. For the uninitiated, it's a music-related community. Every week, there is a new theme, and people are encouraged to post songs relating to it. Instead of posting, I'll often list theme-appropriate songs in my head. Recently, the theme was your top five songs at the moment, and I realised the other day that the first three that came to mind instantly were all about sex. I suppose it makes sense; who doesn't want to cuddle up to a warm someone on a chilly winter night? For some reason, I came to the decision that I clearly have the world's best taste in sex-related songs and now I shall regale you with my sexy musicspam.

Jacksoul - Gettin' It On. First off is what was, for quite a long time, my favorite song about sex ever. Between the bouncy, dance-y beat, his gorgeous voice and the sweet, joyful, yet near-sleazy lyrics, I'm hooked. Too bad he's happily married with a daughter...sigh. "See, I fell for you back in school/You were just sweet sixteen/Don't know how we passed that English class/Always workin' on our chemistry..."

Here Come the Mummies - Dirty Minds. My dear friend [ profile] canadian_regis (HI REEMA! :P) introduced me to this band. They're still fairly indie, last I heard, and all the band members dress up as mummies for their gigs, thus the band's name. Pretty much every song of theirs I've heard is about sex, but this one is the most fun to sing along with and dance to. I really love the trumpets. This is as delightfully tacky as it gets. "Dirty minds/Dirty minds think alike/We've got our heads in the gutter/And our fingers in the pie..."

The Pipettes - Sex . I discovered the utter gloriousness that is the Pipettes thanks to my darling wifey Anne, aka [ profile] mintroses. I'm enamoured with the 60's girly pop sensibilities, such as the ethereal harmonies, of this ditty tied in with some almost orchestral background music. I've had this song on repeat for far too long. "Then he said let's stop with all the talking/why not try something new?/because there's no need for any talking/in what we're about to do..."
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So here I sit, debating fantasies.

I want a cold, crisp winter night's walk filled with snow falling silently and a cuddle with a lovely person under a big cosy blanket, a roaring fireplace, and a steaming mug of sweet hot chocolate.

But I also want a chair on a warm, sandy, isolated beach on the South Pacific, well equipped with chick lit and a pitcher or some fruity, but deceptively strong, drink on a cute little table next to me. And I want to be there alone.

One is doable; the other, not so much. Sigh. I wish it could just be Christmas break already. Or at least not this week.

I've been on this big Christmas kick lately. I can't wait to sit around sipping eggnog, visiting with family and friends, baking all sorts of Christmas goodies, watching movies, my sled date with Rebecca, shopping for gifts, snacking on clementines and chocolate, snuggling up in big chunky sweaters, playing video games with the Tomster, updating and improving my food blog, sending christmas cards, frenchys shopping, snarking at lame TV shows, going to Christmas concerts, decorating the tree, my birthday partying (which I hope will involve Rebecca, Erin, Jenn, Dana, Stacey, Ames, dancing, and a big-ass pitcher of sangria), getting used to my new Mac (I hope), planning my vacation, family dinner parties, practising photography, walks in the countryside and forests around my grandparent's houses, dancing to Christmas music randomly with my mom in the kitchen, and, of course, snow. DANG. C'mon, December! Hurry up!
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So, in recent days I appear to have acquired some new obsessions. They include, but are not limited to:

- Mexican food. I took my little brother out for Mexican when he came to visit me and have been dreaming about chimichangas ever since. Speaking of food...

- My food blog. I relocated it away from LJ over to blogger, which is the server that houses a lot of my favorite food blogs. I guess this doesn't count as new, but now I'm even more keen to cook more often in order to have things to put into it. I really have to learn to follow recipes while baking, buy some loaf pans and various other bakeware, and figure out how to properly photograph foodstuffs on my finicky camera.

- K-Os's new album "Atlantis". I think I would have better appreciated his concert last weekend more had I given it a listen BEFORE the concert instead of afterwards. When Tom saw me, he basically took me to the first CD store he could find, put a copy of it in my hand, and said, "Go buy it. RIGHT. NOW." Am I ever happy I complied! Catdiesel is a fun and funky little number with a beat that is insistent upon making its listeners dance and sing along, which the repetitive chorus makes fairly easy. Flypaper is a redux of K-Os's hit single "Crabbuckit" from his previous album, "Joyful Rebellion". I had to put this on permanent repeat for about a day to get it out of my system. It's perfect companion tune for doing homework late into the night... "I'm not one to repeat myself/But if it ain't broken/Don't fix it..." Well put, K-Os. Lastly, The Rain sent me into shock the first time I heard it. A hip-hopper...and he's crooning? Trust me, it works. The background music is beautifully arranged, and K-Os's vocals are a revelation. I'm happily surprised he has it in him and I hope he keeps going in this vein.

- LOST. I watched the first season obsessively, lost interest in the second season, but after reading some intriguing reviews about the second episode in the third (and currently airing) season, I was pleasantly surprised. It's back! There was action, drama, and kamikaze kissing (God, I missed Sawyer)!

- "Supernatural" was recently brought into my world. I missed you so, my dear Jensen Ackles. You're even hotter and snarkier than you were back in your soap opera days, though that's not really saying much. Anyway, if you combine hot boys and supernatural phenomena in one TV show, I'm sure to get hooked.

- Last but certainly not least, Sangria. I was at a Spanish society shindig because, yanno, free food and conversation practice (academic and economical!) and there were two big buckets of glorious fruity sangria. So when a prof basically shoved a glass into my hands, who was I to refuse? There was so much fresh fruit in the thing that I'm sure it must have been healthy... totally. Anyway, now I need to find me a recipe because DAMN. It was lovely.

*sigh* As if I wasn't obsessive enough...
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"There's this place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger, and your whispers softly echo. It's the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me." - Gretchen Kemp

Eff off, Gretchen, you sodding romantic. (Can y'all tell Meg's bitter tonight?)
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"Sometimes wine drinking, like spontaneous sex on the kitchen table, is far more satisfying when you toss out all the rules." - Bob Blumer (a.k.a. the Surreal Gourmet), in his book Off the Eaten Path

I have the best taste in cookbooks, clearly.

But yes! Classes have resumed, and I am already sick of reading. My comparative politics class has two profs; one of whom looks like Santa Claus, and one who is in love with the chalkboard. I love that class. Philosophy is a bit mindbending, but the prof is adorable; she's the kind of lady you want to sit down and have tea with. Mandarin continues to hurt my brain and there are less adorable boys than last year, but the remaining classmates rock my socks. We are bound to have some fun parties, I can tell. Intro to Development is a HUGE class, but the prof is really enthusiastic and verrah metro and the subject matter is interesting. Spanish is more challenging, but I'm pretty impressed with how fast I've remembered my basic vocab, especially in comparison to Mandarin. Too bad my verb conjugation skillz are still sucky.

There's this one lecture that I'm not signed up for that I've been going to, though, which is causing me some grief. It's a fantabulous class and it fascinates me every time. I am in love with the prof and the course material. There's three weeks' worth of lectures on WITCHES, people! It's like all the interesting parts of my grade 12 year mixed together. Add my snugness at knowing about a lot of the stuff being discussed, and the fact that I spend the class sandwiched in between two cute and snarky fellows, and I am as close to (metaphorical) heaven as a girl can get in a stuffy classroom. But I can't actually register for the class because I think there's still people on the waitlist, the text is dry as all heck, it's too expensive, the credit wouldn't go towards my major, I don't have the prequisities, and it conflicts with a tutorial from another class (which starts tomorrow). I've debated it over with myself and with a few other people, and I've decided to screw the consequences and continue sneaking into the class without paying. I'm not sure if I'll actually go to the lecture on Thursdays, because I have to leave about halfway through for my tutorial, but I'll decide that later. Point is, it's well worth it.

And that's enough out of me. Good night, world!
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Considering all the sombre musings that have been flooding the collective consciousness of late, I have a lighter-hearted (of sorts) query;

"Shut the fuck up and kiss me." Derogatory? Or a compliment? :P


Sep. 2nd, 2006 01:52 am
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After FAR too long, Halifax and I are getting properly reacquainted. My few visits there this summer (once to see my doctor, twice on my way to and from the airport) were just teasing, bittersweet affairs. The thought of actually being back in my city just makes me really giddy.

Yarmouth has its charms, though. I'll be sad to leave some of my friends here, I shall miss the beach and other such nature-ly venues, and of course I'll pine a little for la familia.

My lovely friend Becca was the perfect person to spend my last night here with. We (along with our mothers) entered the annual trivia challenge that my dad's team has consistently placed second in for about four years now. It took us surprisingly little time to come up with an appropriate team name. Mom's initial suggestion of "Slick Bitches", while hilarious, was soon overlooked, as were my personal favorites, "Trivially Challenged", "The Fab Four", and "Amelia Airhead". We dubbed ourselves "The Genius Generations", seeing as we spanned three of the things. But some of the other teams had even more impressive names; "The Elderberry Hamsters", "The Stonehenge Beautification Project", and the best of the lot, "May Contain Nuts". Even though we only managed to get 55 out of 100 questions right (the high score was 69), we somehow placed fifth and won 100 bucks! Once we divided it amongst ourselves it was only 25 dollars apiece, of course, but any spare textbook money I can sprounge up is fine by me. And considering all of us were drinking... Dad got second again. Anyway, there's another trivia contest in October at a haunted mansion outside of town (which is terribly exciting, as I've always been curious about it), so I plan on heading home for it. Plus, we also won a gift certificate to Boston Pizza, and we plan on using it that weekend at some point.

Hee. Afterwards, Becca and I went to her house so she could get dolled up, and then proceeded to my house to do the same to me. See, she hadn't yet been to a bar, despite having her nineteenth birthday in late July, so we decided to pay a visit to the town's only real bar. So we took a few pictures and headed out, me sans glasses, as Becca had insisted. We ended up spending the evening sitting in a big cushy booth talking and waxing nostalgic, mostly about elementary school, and left around midnight as it was getting smoky and was still fairly dead. I have vowed to take Becs to a better bar when she comes to visit Halifax. I've warned her not to bring the boyfriend, as she is gorgeous and is thus bound to get hit on a LOT. It's sure to be fun, even though I think we'll wind up going bra shopping.

La la la la la HALIFAX. Clearly I ought to be in bed.
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I need Cathy Davey's album "Something Ilk" very, very desperately. I heard one song from it ("About Time") a few months back, had it on repeat for days, downloaded another song of hers (the only one I could find on LimeWire, "Go Make It") and loved it dearly, and now the link for the first song won't work, and in my search for it, I encountered "Cold Man's Nightmare", which is amazing and has been on repeat ever since, and now I really must find the album. But I am in small town Nova Scotia and my chance of finding an obscure Irish pop album are slim to none. Oh, why am I not in Halifax, where there is an HMV and they can surely order it if they don't have it?


*sigh* Saturday, self, wait til Saturday.
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I'm back home in Nova Scotia after having spent two months and two days in Calgary. I then had a whirlwind tour of Toronto (see my last entry, which neglected to properly mention the lovely people I spent time with in Toronto) and missed my flight home the next morning. However, I was put on standby for the next flight back, which departed the airport two hours later than my original flight. I was sitting in front of the gate and took out the lucky pendant I'd bought in Chinatown in Calgary. Mere seconds afterwards, the cute guy sitting next to me leaned over and complimented me. A moment after that, my name was called and I got onto the flight (cute boy was on the same flight; I'm hoping to run into him in Halifax...). I've worn that pendant every day since, except today, and so far it has served me well.

I met a metric TONNE of utterly wonderful people on my travels, and hung out with some I already had the pleasure of knowing, but was very happy to be reunited with.

For example, [ profile] cellel and [ profile] mialythila were kind enough to let me take over (and create a giant mess of) their living room for two months. They were very very lovely roommates and I'm still in awe that they were able to endure my annoying habit of reading aloud from sex manuals obsession with shopping tendency to burn cookies whenever I bake them, company.

Through [ profile] calgarians, I met some wonderful ladies (you know who you are...) that I had a blast with that one time (sadly it was only once, but what can you do?).

The only other person I've met in Calgary with an LJ is [ profile] gomo_the_red. It's a bit tragic that we lived so close and only met in the last week of my time in Calgary, eh? Ah well, we made up for it. :)

Then in Toronto, [ profile] penguindust graciously let me crash on one of the couches in her tremendously awesome flat and showed a gal a good time (or walk was one of the highlights of my trip). A million thanks, my dear. I wouldn;t have been able to stay in toronto at all if not for your generosity. If you're ever passing by, you know you're always welcome.

[ profile] durdaana and I wandered about and had a long chat that seemed to pass by very quickly (let me know if you have any free time when you're in Halifax next, hon). It was great to see her again.

And! I FINALLY got to meet my internet wifey, [ profile] mintroses. I have no words to describe how great it was to finally meet someone I've talked with nearly daily for three or four years now. Oh, Anne, for a commitment-phobic gal like me to talk with someone so often is a testament to your utter fabulousness. :P

If there's anyone else I met that has a livejournal and I neglected to mention them, I apologize. My boss' bad memory has rubbed off on me a bit. Just slap me virtually and I'm sure to remember.

Anyway, supper calls, and then I'm off to see my best friend, so off I go!

Kisses, Meg xoxoxo
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Dear Toronto,

I can’t recall time EVER moving so fast as it has these past few days. I mean, I got here on Sunday afternoon, and it’s already Tuesday night! Tomorrow, early in the morning, I’ll have to fly away and leave you, which is really a shame, because I think this relationship had potential. You and me, Toronto, we coulda gone places.

After all, ever since we met, you just keep on surprising me with all these delightful little details; like those trees in the park strung up with purple fairy lights, that island covered with paper lanterns, the cheap Asian noodle house with the incredible food AND drinks, the liberal smattering of ethnic neighbourhoods everywhere, the fresh-fruit smell of Kensington Market, the neon signs of Chinatown on Spandina, the utter hoity-toity-ness and yet friendliness of Yorkville, those birds who sat boldly on a spare chair at my table with Maggie at the croissant place and begged for crumbs, your cute little subway system, the friendly people everywhere, all the bookstores, the pretty shops that eat up my moneys, the lovely restaurant doors I have to tear myself away from, that orgasmic ice cream place down the road, the trees everywhere, being able to actually see the stars at night, the alleyways covered with tremendous, magnificent graffiti, the bohemian lifestyle you endorse so heartily, the many parks graced with fountains, your obsession with bikes and cyclists, and so, so much more.

Sure, you have your flaws, like your rude drivers who lay on their horns for ages, and your expensive… everything, really, and your stinky fish markets, and your way of consuming my time in a flash, but I’ve been smitten since I first laid eyes on you.

This is the most ridiculous summer fling I’ve ever had, Toronto, and even though it has by no means been a wild and crazy ride, it HAS been a blast, and I hope we get to do it again soon. I’ll send you a postcard, babe. Kiss kiss!

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...My heart hurts.
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Lately, life is occupied by lots of mundane stuff like working, sleeping, and watching episodes of Sex and the City with a bowl of ice cream in hand (you have to eat while watching; it is a rule).

Part of me is ready to go home. I really want to visit with my friends and family (I get the feeling Becca and I will become attached at the hip, but I don't mind). I miss idyllic pretty Yarmouth summers with lots of barbecues, fresh fruit and veg, camping (my dad's on vacation this week, so the family is going camping without me, and I am soooo jealous), visiting, and lazy days reading in the sun. I miss walking along the beach, and oddly enough, I miss sitting around drinking a cold bottle of Keith's (this is slightly perplexing, because I'm not much of a drinker at all). I miss school and all my friends in Haligonia.

I'm already formulating a million plans for September, including a massive game of hide and seek, a dinner party, a very long cuddle date, a fancy dessert party at Il Mercato, and going out to a bar with a few people, all of us dressed in a Regency-style dress, which Ana is currently sewing for me because she is a lovely roommate ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. One of the friends I was chatting with today has told me I've gotten looking forward to September, even. :D

However, part of me doesn't want to go. I like my routine here, and I don't want to leave Ana and Melanie and Aurri. They're my pack of ladies! *whine* I still have to see the mountains, and I am owed pool and poker lessons and a motorcycle ride (I've never ridden a motorcycle before, so I am ridiculously excited) from a friend, and I'm going to go visit my friend Stace in Edmonton this weekend, and that all promises to be fun, and the thought of all that being over and done with stings. I mean, even my trip home, with a possible stopover in Toronto which could easily involve visiting [ profile] durdaana, [ profile] penguindust, and [ profile] mintroses, if they'll have me, then hopefully meeting up with one of my Beccas (the my-best-friend one) and travelling the rest of the way back to Yarmouth with her, is going to rock.

I'm glad I still have the next few weeks to make the most of (I really have to make better use of all the artistic inpsiration that Ana and Mel are showering me with and get started on my comic...), but I'm sure they're going to go by in a flash, even though it seems like a long stretch on the calendar. Plus, I know that there will be a certain amount of rather icky drama to confront in September, and putting that off as long as possible is kind of appealing, since I'm no good at treading on eggshells.

I know that, ultimately, I'm going to be crying a lot in the next few weeks, for a lot of things, and that leaving behind my new very high level of independence is going to be really hard. But it is going to be fun, dammit, even if it kills me. I mean, if I chop off some hair and dye it aqua, like I'm planning to, how could it NOT be fun? :P

Enough of my emo ramblings. Love you all!

Kisses, Meg xoxo
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So, mi vida loca.

I'm still living in Calgary. Boys (and creepy old men who make me wird/creepy offers; "We go for coffee now?" is a pickup line I never want to hear again) still confound me. Work is still work (yanno, tiring, a bit boring, but lovely coworkers, etc.) My weird obsession with anything even vaguely sexual (wooooo lesbianism, and I bought a book about the ethics of stripping the other day, which is really interesting so far) is still pestering me (apparently I am now the perviest out of all my roommates). God, when did I become so crass? :P And I still am trying to learn an obscene amount of languages at once (I've taken up Dutch, because I am odd, and I'm still working on Mandarin and Espanol).

I'm pondering, too, about how much I've changed in the past 11 months, since I started university. A few months back, my friend Laura was saying something to the effect of me being nice at the beginning of the year, but that I'd changed enough to be upgraded to "awesome". Then today my friend Ben was saying how my ego had gone from non-existent when I met him back in September to "one that needs to be tamed" now. :P I really do have an inflated ego problem, but I've grown to really love and nurture myself, and I find I have less self-esteem/confidence issues than many of my friends. But I'm also a vain, selfish, egocentric bitch. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not hating myself over here, but I sometimes just wish I was at least a little bit nicer. So I wonder... was it worth it? What do you guys think; Is a major personality overhaul, intentional or not, a good or bad thing in the end?

I'm rather curious about this issue in general, so any input would be mucho-ly appreciated. Good night, y'all!
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I am in a deliciously good mood, despite a hellacious day at work. I blame watching Sex and the City while eating ice cream, then discovering the most delightful Jewish cooking show in the history of ever.

But yes, the stuff going on in my life in point form:

-The roomies and I got a kitty! Her name is Aurri (pronounced like the beginning of the word "oreo"), and she is the most adorable ball of fluff I have ever seen. We got her on Sunday, and we all felt bad for separating her from her brothers and mother. She's very vocal, and a bit more afraid of me than Ana or Mel, but she's been getting a bit more cuddly, thankfully. Now if only her claws weren't quite so sharp. :P

-Work is the part of my life that's giving me the most grief at the moment, but that's mostly because a ton of my coworkers are quitting so I'm doing more work (and washing dishes isn't exactly stimulating). Thankfully most of my favorties are staying, but I'll be sad to see the gals going (the ones are already gone didn't even say goodbye, and of course THEY're the ones who live in Halifax. If I ever see them it's bound to be awkward; blah.).

-I went to the Calgary Stampede, though it was about 2 hours before the grounds closed. I had thought I was going to end up going alone, which made me sad. But then a friend offered to accompany me at the last minute, which was awesome, since he's a Calgarian and was able to show me around. We missed all the rodeo stuff, but I'm not particularly distressed. We DID get to see the last of the Trews concert, which was cool, but made me miss home (there was a random girl waving a Nova Scotia flag). We played silly carnie games and he very sweetly won me a stuffed animal. It is a stoned-looked duck that I've dubbed George (since the roommates refused to let me name the kitten that). We sat on a large and rather crowded hill that gave us a fantabulous view of the fireworks, but my poor friend got eaten alive by mosquitoes (that's what you get for wearing shorts! :P) We had a cute little sing-along to "Hooked on a Feeling" while he drove me home, and the drive took ages because there was a lot of traffic. I didn't get in until far too late, but I enjoyed myself thoroughly; I'm glad I went.

-On Saturday night, the An-chan and I are descending upon the Jubilee Theatre to see "The Phantom of the Opera"m, and I am freakin' THRILLED. I missed out on seeing this on Broadway last summer, which I've been kicking myself for since then, so having a chance to make up for it (and while sitting in good cheap seats, no less) makes me very happy. I'm not sure whether or not I want to get really glammed up (okay, I lie, I *know* I want to get really glammed up... ;p) or wear thatre blacks and pretend to be a tech (Ana, being an actual theatre tech, thought up this marvelous idea, and has promised to teach me how to act like a theatre tech, so I'm all set).

-I've been buying waaaay too much stuff. Somebody needs to just hide my debit card from me. :P

All the movies I've bought are either romances or tragedies, or both, which I find funny (I now own: "Hero", "God is Great, and I'm Not", "House of Flying Daggers", "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet", "West Side Story", and the fourth season of my newest guilty pleasure, "Sex and the City"). I buy chick lit like it's going out of style (Confessions of a Shopaholic much?), but I've been trying to stick to used CDs (I'm buying about half new and half used at the moment; whoops).

Thankfully, though, I've somehow kept the new clothes to a minimum, despite the extremely tempting sale at Holt Renfrew (70% off! Now or never!). I only bought an Italian-made tank top (cheap and minty-green! It makes me look tan! SO worth it), but I tried on some very expensive clothes just for the heck of it. The highlights include the ubiquitous Diane von Firstenburg wrap dress, which looks terrible on me and has an extremely plunging neckline, blah, a very unremarkable Dolce and Gabbana skirt, a divine Marc Jacobs sweater that matched that day's underwear perfectly (tee hee) but was out of the price range, a cute see-through-looking dress that's actually fairly substantial, but not worth the price, sigh, and a 250-dollar top that was pretty much a thin layer of gauze and sequins which looked cute on me but waaaaay overpriced! I squeed like a madwoman and twirled around a lot in the dressing room.

Annnnyway, I rather need to be quiet now, so sweet dreams, all!
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Meg-like: "well, hurting, but at the same time complimenting. in other words: saying absolutely nothing :P"
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OMG. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Calgary is fuckin' beautiful.

I walked home the long way after work, as it was getting dark and the way I normally take would be full of skecthy scary homeless people and not a lot of traffic, and the long way involves walking through Chinatown (♥♥♥), across a beautiful long bridge which gave me an awesome view of the sunset, and up a hill, where I had a panoramic view of the cityscape being lit up by the setting sun and the sky turned gorgeous colours and the misty rolling foothills. I wish everyone I love in the world could have been with me in that moment. It was sheerest bliss. I also wish my camera had had charged batteries, because it would have made for awesome pictures, but at the same time I think it will be better off stored in the meory banks, anyway. :) Then I came home, sat my poor tired ass down, and as I was fiddling around on the compy, Mel and I heard the sound of fireworks! We ran outside (I lost a shoe and stopped running and Mel ran right into me; it was hilarious) and watched the tail end; SO pretty. I think there were firweowkrs since the Calgary Stampede offically starts tomorrow; the city goes INSANE for the duration, apparently, so I'm curious to see what it's like, and excited to wear my cowboy hat every day. :D The fireworks were the perfect finale to my day.

I shouldn't be anywhere near this happy, considering all the things currently lacking in my life (I can whine about those someday when I'm in a bad mood ;P), and ESPECIALLY not after working a really tiring 12-hour shift (most of which was spent washing literally hundreds of dishes), but I was in such an inexplicable good mood that it didn't faze me. It could be the happy Meg talking, but I love work now! My coworkers are all pretty good (one of them has even started calling me Meg without being prompted! Yey!), some (like Joe and Karli) are so amazingly awesome and kind beyond words (Joe brings me water bottles all thwe time), I get paid well (wooo!), and I am in love (no, not like THAT... :P) with my boss, Peter. He's a bit (unintentionally) intimidating at times, but he calls me names like "kiddo" and "sweetpea", he really cares about his staff and his work, he encourages me ALL the time (which motivates me so much), he is fond of cheeky winks, and he has a great sense of humour. Today, when I was mopping the floor, he said, "Oh, when you're done, there's a bowl of molten chocolate over there." Man after my own heart. :) Though the chocolate is doing funny things to my body/brain. I'm never gonna get to sleep tonight.

What else was I gonna write about...? :P

For next time: Music! Food blog! Various art-y things! Being a do-gooder! Bed!

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