Jan. 11th, 2008

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Wow. I have come to the realisation that I've had this blog for over 6 years now (the anniversary is the day before my birthday - December 16th). According to livejournal, it's been 23 weeks since I've written anything new, and this is my 205th post.

School is good so far - I only have 3 days of classes a week, which equals 4-day weekends! In order to take advantage of this, My roommates and I are planning a weekend trip to my hometown sometime soon, with numerous stops at thrift stores along the way (thrift stores in my area are quite good, if I do say so myself). I still have to consult with my parents, my boyfriend, and the Weather Network website as to when would be a good weekend.

I had a very nice holiday back home - I got to visit with all but one or two friends, and got in not just one or two, but a bunch of visits with others, which was lovely. One of my girlfriends and I resumed what has become our tradition: trivia every Thursday at a hotel bar. She and I (often with a revolving roster of other people) compete against my dad's team, which is known for its winning streaks. We're usually, unsurprisingly, unsuccessful. However, on my last night there, we beat Dad and co. by a single point. It was a hard game and we were sure we'd lost, despite leading in the first round and having two people with doctorates on our team (there weren't any questions about astrophysics or ancient Icelandic history, though, so it didn't really help). We got a gift certificate for 35$ to spend at the hotel, which we promptly blew on food and drink, since none of us were going to be around town for much longer.

I even got to see some old friends (you know who you are, and you all check LJ much more than I do) and spend New Years' Eve with them. We had chicken teriyaki (which I still need the recipe for) and mulled wine at midnight. We dorked out by sitting around, drinking fantastic tea, drawing, playing video games, and scarfing down some orange brownies I made (they were quite good, if I do say myself). The hick neighbours of our gracious hostess set off fireworks at midnight, but didn't get up to nearly as much mischief as anticipated.

Anyway, as much as I could write about, I'm afraid cleaning my room and eating some food are a tad higher on list of priorities. Ta ta for now!

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